Genuine Ways Students Can Make Money Online In 2018 (No Charges)

Genuine Ways Students Can Make Money Online In 2018 (No Charges)

    Hello Friends now we have reached at this stage where World Wide Web is creating employment and that too self employment where we are not depended directly on others. 

    Where we reached today and we see back there were very less possibilities of making money online as users were less and internet was just used for official works like Sending Emails, Printing Something etc

    Today making money online is lot more easy then working in a proper Job as we work online with our convenience where on the other hand we work outside whole day for few bucks.

    There are thousands of websites sharing many useless and baseless ways for students to make money online like completing surveys, captcha filling,  downloading apps, Watching Videos, clicking on ads etc are some ways which wastes your time and energy and you don't earn serious income with this methods.

    We are moving so fast as digital revolution is going on where most of the work is online whether you are a teacher or a seller of good everyone wants to come online and make their presence felt on internet.

    We are not sharing any quick methods to earn online if you are searching for those methods then this post is not for you. We are sharing 100% legit ways to make money online not as part time but you can also make it a mainstream job.

    We are sharing 8 ways to make handsome money online.

    Start Your Own Blog :

    Start Your Own Blog

    Blog is a dynamic web page which gets updated regularly that contains content related to a certain topic or many topics and run by a individual or a group and write in conversational style.

    Today Blogging is one of the most popular way of earning. You can kickstart it within a week.

    Today most of the top Corporate websites, Ad networks, SEO Companies has their own blogs where they update the content regarding their services or products and earn double through it.

    So You can start your blog for free using Blogger it just takes 15 minutes. Just Sign up in and create your blog and run it for free.

    Keep this below points in mind before creating your blog:
    • Research on the niche of the blog you are creating whether it has scope or you know the topic better than others ask this few questions on google and read the answers thoroughly.
    • Don't create a blog on the topic where you are not interested or just creating for the sake of earning and doesn't know the ABC of that topic. Because within few days you will realize that you wasted your time.
    • For Example if you are interested in writing about Web Security then try to create a blog on that particular topic and share your tips and trick save the Web.
    • After Creating The blog Write the authoritative content not just copy and pasting it from other sites. If you do this then you may become successful but not for long time as you will be short of content and Search Engines are smart to catch you.

    Choosing Between Blogger and Wordpress:

    Choosing Between Blogger and Wordpress

    Credit For Infographic:

    This are the two biggest platforms to start your blog for free both of them has advantages and disadvantages but we are writing this post on how to earn money online so we will just give you the summary


    Blogger is a product of Google where everything is free (until you want to upgrade to your own domain). Hosting is free and most the time it give 100% uptime. 

    Plugins here known as widgets themes as templates we just have control on front end not at the back-end and if you break the policies f Google Blogger then your blog will be removed anytime :( 

    • Pros:

    Easy to use, no coding required, Template Customizer is good, SEO to be done manually, 0% Maintenance Free From all costs. HTTPS for blogspot blogs.
    • Cons:
    Post URL Cannot be customized, HTTPS is only for blogspot blogs not for custom domains, Default Templates are Few, Custom Template Customizing can be headache. Hosted by blogger if you break their policies the blog can be removed any time.

    Wordpress: is free and has similar features like blogger but is totally different where you are not dependent on any platform. But it need money you need to purchase hosting, Domain Name, Themes etc

    So For initializing Blogger is very good and easy to use for students who don't want to invest and want to earn good income. 

    Later you can migrate from blogger to wordpress based on your desire. is also powered by blogger and we are very happy with it.

    How To Earn From Blog:

    The Simple way to earn money from your blog is by monetizing the content you can signup to Google Adsense or there are many good Ad networks available but this two pay high.

    You should know this important ways Ad-networks pay you:

    CPC: Cost Per Click
    CPM: Cost Per Monitizaiton
    CPA: Cost Per Action

    Adsense mostly is a CPC Network Means it will pay you when your visitors click on your ads. and the click earning is different for different geos North American, European Visitors when click on your ad you will earn more compare to Asian Visitors. This change Daily due to Advertisers Demands.

    CPM Means When your Ads are viewed thousand times then you earn .

    CPA:  If you are running a games or some other site where user interactive is high then you can place this CPA You will get paid when a users click on the ad and perform some action like submit the contact form, Subscribe etc.

    We will not go deep into this as our topic for today is different.

    Become A Youtuber:

    Youtube is the most popular video sharing site in the world right now with millions of people uploading videos daily.

    What if we say youtube as a carrier yes you heard it right many people are earning thousands of dollars just by showing their creativity in the videos.

    If you think you have that quality that you can be the next youtube star then start right now.

    Now you are thinking we understand how we can make money from blog but how from youtube?

    If you are thinking this then you are going in the right direction you can earn the same way like you are earning from the blog.  If you are interested in Reviewing things, Giving tips, Teaching, Sharing Knowledge etc then you should try YouTube and make it a career.

    After you have decided to make videos and upload them on youtube then you will face problems of tough competition in youtube also and your videos should appear on the first page of youtube search if not then there is very less chance of getting traffic to your videos.

    So you should follow right youtube SEO Techniques to rank your videos high on youtube search and as well as Google Search.

    How To Monetize traffic and earn money from youtube?
    Yes, now you are thinking we created videos got some traffic but still not earning. Yes, you will not earn anything until you join Google Adsense Program. 

    Youtube Adsense

    Google Partner Program Basic Requirements For Youtube

    Your Channel Needs to have minimum 10,000 views to get approved from Google Adsense.

    Follow all the terms and Conditions on from videos selection to uploading and to marketing.

    Read this terms and conditions page: Partner Program Policies
    1. To enable Adsense monetization go to Youtube Account Monitization
    2. Then accept the terms and conditions 
    3. Below you will see sign up to Google Adsense if you don't have the account.
    4. Click on Sign up for Google Adsense then submit for the 
    5. review usually it takes 3 days to one week to get approved

    Freelancing (Be your own boss) 

    Freelancing (Be your own boss)

    I know you have heard from many people that they are earning through freelancing but what actually freelancing is? 

    A person who is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer or company where he works for on-demanded projects from anywhere anytime online or offline. Its depend on the freelancer to take how much amount of work at a time. You are Boss here so there are no restrictions on you about the pressure from your bosses. 

    Freelancing Industry seeing a tremendous growth in their statistics as people want to be independent and work for their own unlike for the companies. Freelancing, in other words, is like starting your own business. 

    Now you have heard enough of freelancing now we will explain to you how you can earn from it. See every job in starting has some difficulties. But Freelancing is not very difficult because you are doing what you know the best so when you are doing your favorite work then it is not like work it's like playing the game where difficulties levels raised as you progress.

    Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home


    Designing is one of the most demanded and most competitive fields available today to succeed in this field you have to be very creative and innovative and follow the latest trends and best practices.

    If you are interested in designing then you can become a freelance designer and in that also you can be a specialist like Logo designer, Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Designing Banners, Photoshop expert etc here you can sell your products and services and set your own prices.


    If you are interested in any of this writing niche like writing reviews, political news, about gaming, tech gadgets, history, blogging etc then you can be in demand there are many sites like Freelancer, contentmart, upwork etc where you can register and start working as a freelancer and set your prices for articles.

    You can also set price per word or per article there are many talented writers earning $$ from a single article. 

    Editing and Proofreading:

    If you are a language expert and have a good eye for details and to find and correct grammar mistakes in the language in which you are mastered then you can be in demand too.

    SEO Expert And Social Media Expert:

    This is one of the most demanding jobs available today on the internet because everyone wants their business online but they don't know how to become successful online as they create website but don't know to optimize it for Search Engine Like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc so they are short of visitors or customers online so they just search for SEO Experts who can lift their websites and rank higher on Google or other Search Engines. 

    Social Media Playing important role after search engines to get targeted and high-quality traffic to their sites. For that you need to create pages in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus etc 

    After creating pages you need to start advertising on Facebook so that you can get likes on your pages. For that, you need a social media expert who can set up advertising and other things for you.

    Website Developer And App Developer:

    All businesses want developers who can develop their website with modern coding techniques and Follow the W3 Standard. all companies want their site to be responsive and work correctly on all size devices. So this is one of the most profitable ways of earning as your clients will give the designs all you need is to develop the site and make it live on the internet. 

    Freelance App Developing is shaping out to be a successful earning job as many companies wants an app for their business and many people have ideas but they don't know coding so you can code for them and make their apps. You set your price and be your own boss.

    Popular Freelancing Sites to get started:

    1. Upwork
    2. Freelancer
    3. Fiverr
    4. Toptal
    5. Contentmart
    According to a survey done by Payoneer on 21,000+ freelancers in 170 countries, they have found some shocking facts like 

    How Freelancers find the work? 

    The answer is 73% freelancers find their work by freelancing sites according to the above survery result, that's why we are sharing the top and most popular freelancing sites with you.

    How freelancers promote their business ?

    According to the above Payoneer survey more than half of the Freelancers promote their business using Facebook.

    How Freelancers find the work

    You can read the full article in Payoneer blog post Freelancer Income Report

    See all these sites are genuine and have millions of users so you just need to create an account and follow the steps and fill up your necessary details like adding skills as tags in which you are well learned and want to opt-in  and add payments methods in which you want to receive payments when you completed the projects.

    As this post is getting too long now so we will create a part 2 of this article and add 3 remaining genuine ways of earning online in 2018

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