14 Best New Year Resolutions All Bloggers Should Follow In 2018

    Ho, ho, ho- Christmas was just here and guess what else? The New Year's here!

    With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, everybody’s busy preparing resolutions for the upcoming year, 2018. Readers are creating infinite book lists, Fashion Enthusiasts- a list of all the clothes that's gonna get them dollar bills and so on and so forth. 
    What about us- the writers, bloggers, and the like? 
    Not too sure about what you’re going to come up with?
    You’ve come to the right place. 

    Here’s a list of super-cool stuff you can add on to your bucket list, this year! 

    New Year Resolution List For Bloggers

    1. Shell Out Time for your Blog!

    Shell Out Time for your Blog

    This might seem like a silly thing to add to the list of bloggers. Well, it’s not. Like many of the other commitments in our lives, blogging gets added to the ‘I’ll-do-it-later’ list a LOT. Whether we admit it or not, it happens. 

    How about we make a promise to ourselves to blog for at least an hour a day? Even if we’re not going to publish the post, there’s no harm in writing it and keeping it aside. Blogging every day keeps you in touch with your website and the purpose behind it. It reminds you why you’re doing what you’re doing and gives you a sense of accomplishment. 

    Nothing like an ‘I-did-it’ feeling to add the extra sweetness to your morning cuppa. 

    2. Learn something new to enhance your blog. 

    Learn something new to enhance your blog

    It could be anything really- Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Advertising. 

    There’s an endless list of improvements and you know it. Why not take some time to get better on the web? You’re going to be involved in it for the long run- might as well invest some of your time and energy trying to make it better. 

    If you get to enhance your brain cells along with it- hey, all the better. 

    You might just thank yourself for doing this in the future when all your friends are just beginning to learn a skill you’ve already mastered. 

    3. Make a Reading List.

    Make a Reading List

    It’s not just the bookworms coming up with infinite book lists. Every successful person is, too. 
    And if you want to be one, you better start making yours. 
    Read about the subject you’re basing your blog on. Read about blogging. Read about how to improve your blog. Read. Read. Read. 

    You never know when you might get a new idea and the more you read, the more you know. And the more you know, the more of the chances of coming up with an amazing one. 

    On a serious note, there’s a lot of information out there that can’t be taught by anybody. The best way to get past this obstacle is by developing a reading habit. You never know when you might become a pioneer. 

    4. Try rummaging through or editing, previously published content. 

    Try rummaging through or editing, previously published content

    Most of the time, we are so focused on getting the new stuff out there, we forget to look back and correct our mistakes. 
    Going through your previous content is definitely useful in a lot of ways. First off, you can find out how far you’ve improved and whether or not you’ve made progress. This allows you to implement better changes and understand your pace. 

    Second, you never know what idea you might get based on something you’ve already published. Maybe, you’d published something earlier without adding a certain piece of information that you can use to make your content, now. 

    Third, you will find a lot of mistakes and this helps you recognize and correct them, now. It also prevents you from repeating them once again. It serves as a kind-of practice, too, of editing your work. 

    5. Connect with people having similar ideas and goals.

    Connect with people having similar ideas and goals

    Expand your network of bloggers. There are a lot of people out there with ideas similar to yours. Why struggle to get better along when you can do it as a team, with a bunch of people? 

    One of the biggest advantages of being a blogger is that almost everything gets done virtually. And with so many social media networks out there, how many seconds is it going to take to create an online forum with like-minded people and come up with a few good ideas? 

    It’s always better to have someone to discuss and share your ideas with, it keeps you on your toes and you get to make friends. 

    6.  Take up a social goal and try to advertise it on your blog.

    Take up a social goal and try to advertise it on your blog
    If you are a blogger with a significant number of followers, use your outreach to do something good for the society. 
    This could be done in a number of ways- create a post about it, ask experts in your circle to talk or write something about it or simply share it through ad-spaces or along with your posts in your blog. 
    You could even ask for donations or endorse a campaign. There’d be a million charities ready to combine with you. 

    If you’re a person without much of a follower-base, you could still try to make a difference. You could still write or publish content on it on your website, as your contribution. 

    Maybe you could try asking social media campaigns for such causes if you could contribute an article or two for their website. Try joining a forum of writers who write for such a cause or similar people fighting for such a goal. 
    There are a lot of ways to give back to the society. And as they say, every contribution counts. 

    7. Learn From Previous Mistakes (Don't Repeat it). 

    Learn From Previous Mistakes

    Everyone makes mistake but one who corrects his mistake and focuses on their goals and never repeats it will succeed. Everyone say's forget those bad things but why we should forget? we should remember it this thing will boost our power so that we should learn from it and never ever commit it again

    If you are copying other's content then stop it or following wrong SEO Techniques to rank your site higher then stop it instantly.

    Mistakes happen so that we should get a lesson from it not to get discouraged so with open hands and mind welcome the new year. 

    8. Develop up with innovative thoughts. 

    Develop up with innovative thoughts

    This is the field where we are lacking the most. Almost all the topics are covered on the internet but don't think that you are late. think that they came too early and you came at the right time because they were not having any base but you got the base to start.

    There written topics will become outdated as days passed so you should update the topics always with the current one. Come up with good creative ideas or renovate the pre-written topics which are now outdated.

    Think out of the box ask questions to yourself or any known person whether the questions are silly or idiotic don't shy to ask and clear your doubt because when you are clear about your subject then only new ideas pop out.

    9. Always Follow The best practices. 

    What Some bloggers do is when they go to other's blogs they don't read the posts but just go to the comment section and drop their blog link to get the backlink. But most of the website owners or blog owners already mark their comments external links as no-follow like we did. 

    Now in the context of SEO Follow only the methods which are white hat means given by search engines like Google. Don't try to purchase links, Followers etc 

    Never compromise on your blog or website design choose the prebuilt templates by blogger or WordPress or if you are using third-party templates then check whether they are updated with the modern coding methods. if you want good blogger template then we will code it for you. 

    10. Take out some time to Skill yourself with online courses. 

    Take out some time to Skill yourself with online courses

    When we get time we should learn at least languages which are used to design the websites and blogs like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. We should know the basics of this languages to understand our templates coding and should know to tweak few things by yourself.

    Other than getting skilled yourself This will also help you to add more languages to your resumes or about pages.

    11. Explore The Beautiful World and participate in seminars. 

     Explore The Beautiful World and participate in seminars

    Writing, thinking cannot be done until your mind is fresh so explore this beautiful world with your friends and participate in bloggers seminars, Conferences or tech expos this will make your mind fresh because here you get an opportunity to exchange your ideas or meet people having similar ideas. 

    12. Don't afraid of thinking big and don't be overconfident. 

    People around you may laugh when they hear you talking or thinking big don't think about them concentrate on your ideas and focus on your goal. You will fail sometimes but at the end, you will achieve what you want sometime early and sometimes takes very long and hard work to taste the real success but this success will stay longer with you.

    don't become overconfident when things are going right. because who knows anything can change anytime, focus on your work stay calm and don't make yourself feel like I achieved everything when you say that you will not grow bigger make yourself greedy to get knowledge not to earn money. 

    13. Plan your posts. 

    Plan your posts

    Keeping a calendar and planning out which post you are going to publish and when will definitely help you stay more organized and keep clutter out of your virtual desk. 
    It will also help you stay true to your word and keep your followers happy. 

    Publishing often could also help you gather a steady influx of followers, especially if you’re a beginner. Planning properly also helps you come with certain goals regarding writing, followers and more that will keep you regular and in touch with your blog. 

    Comes the New Year and almost all the aspiring bloggers get down to planning and making promises to themselves that they are willing to commit to during the next 12 months. 

    14. Blog for passion. 

    Plan your posts

    When your passion is alive then only you achieve success in life not only in blogging so don't compromise your passion with money I know money is very important but when you are passionate about  something and you drop it because you thought this niche or this subject will not make me rich then you are wrong because creativity links with passion when you are passionate about something then you explore it and find new things so in blogging stick to a niche in which you can contribute honestly and work in that niche


    Making New Year’s resolutions are very much like a tradition but it is really heartbreaking when only after a few weeks’ people realize that they have completely deviated from their goals. So, if you’re a blogger, and are currently drafting your list of New Year’s resolutions, this article is definitely worth reading.

    We sincerely hope you will put your heart, soul, and sinew towards achieving your goals because as we all know, in the end, it’s all about following through with your lists!!

    That's It Thanks For Following our Tutorial '' 14 Best New Year Resolutions All Bloggers Should Follow In 2018 '' Along With us If you found any difficulty Please Comment and Share Your Valuable Opinion. And Stay tuned for More Tutorials Like This and Share this with your friends.


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