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Building Secure, Mobile & Search Engine Friendly Websites in 2019

Only having a website on Wordpress is not going to add any value for better returns. Your Website must be optimized and beautiful to enhance its attractiveness. Why you must take care more to it let’s have a look.

So, guess how many blog posts people do publish every day.

Any ideas?

Well, it is estimated that Word Press users alone publish more than 2 million posts every day. That comes out to be 25 blog posts every second. So where is our website get the chance in the queue of many? So to stand out of the crowd of millions of the website your website must be best. Not a surprise that millions of users search the term “SEO” on Google daily.

But what does SEO even mean?

Definition: According to Wikipedia, SEO is 
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results
In Simple language, you can assume SEO as Optimizing your site & following Search Engine's Requirements to rank your site organically higher in the Search Engine Results.

Search Engine like Google checks 100's of Factors to rank your site from Content to Authority of the Site. From Backlinks to Spam history of your site everything will be checked before your site is indexed higher in their pages.

If you come across the below problem, it’s alarming as:
  • Your site is not getting proper ranking in search terms of the engines.
  • You are not able to find potential customers.
  • In many cases, a not well-designed site could be the cause of the drop in the ranking of your WordPress site.
If you are very new in Blogging The Follow this Guide: How to Create a Blog and Earn Money for Living

What is an SEO friendly website?

What is an SEO friendly website

A website which is well designed and developed by using SEO strategies design layout and website coding. The best website SEO sociability is when all of the following basics are taken care:

  1. Marketing strategy and Keyword research
  2. On-page and off-page SEO and SEO coding
  3. Local SEO and citations
  4. How engagement going on social media
  5. Quality of the Content and Reputation.
  6. Content should be unique and good.
  7. Improve Authority of the site by organic backlinks
  8. Optimizing images (Adding relevant ALT, Title tags to the images and using compressed images)
  9. Optimizing your robots.txt file.
  10. Reducing the Bounce rate.
  11. The number of Ads should be less the content area. (Bad user experience)
  12. Mobile First Blog or Site (Use Responsive Templates and themes)

Viewing the website well on a phone and tablet is becoming the need of time. Nowadays, most people use the word press websites on mobile and which are going to increase day by day.  There are many WordPress plugins present; which are free of cost that can be used to make your website mobile friendly.

Best plugins to Build SEO Friendly Sites: 

Always install plugins that are frequently updated and have good authority (To check authority please check the total installs and Ratings). I'm sharing only the top SEO Plugins which are at a peak in terms of  Downloads and Features.

These two plugins have similar features but The Yoast plugin has a little edge over the All in One SEO pack in dealing and avoiding duplicate content issue by Setting canonical URLs. 

Some of the mobile-friendly plugins are given below:

mobile-friendly plugins
  • AMP

Steps to make your website secure:

make your website secure
  • You can secure your WordPress website by guarding the login page and preventing brute force attacks
  • Setup a website lockdown feature so you get notified of this unauthorized activity.
  • Well with Use of 2-factor authentication on the login page is also a good security measure.
  • Applying an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is one of the best moves to secure the admin panel. 
  • Adjust your password strength by adding uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 

By implementing all the above steps you can be on the long term race to be among the best of the website to bring better output. So that way, next time your word press website being visited it will be responsive, optimized and friendly, but content will be accessible in the blink of an eye!

Always Update Plugins, Themes and follow the latest practices in web developing to keep your site Secure, beautiful, SEO And Mobile Friendly.

Hope you like this article, Don't forget to share which plugins your are using to optimize your site in the comments section below.
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Ultimate Guide: Learn WordPress Duplicate Content And Its Types

Ultimate Guide: Learn WordPress Duplicate Content And Its Types

    Wordpress Content Description:

    When we talk about blogging one thing that will come first in our thoughts is WordPress, it has the hold as best Content Management System title undisputedly. It manages the optimization for websites as its SEO optimized. with 100's of plugins.

    Organic Search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. gives more traffic to Wordpress as it has the potential of becoming SEO friendly by correctly configuring it, It has such vast support for Third party plugins like Yoast, jetpack, All in one SEO etc. Hence so it manages the contents for blogs very well, but we know it’s the content at last which matters. Content is the King, so we must give priority to the content of the blog we dealing with.

    There is a problem of content duplicity which kills the quality of your website, and hence, here in this article, we will discuss how to deal with this problem.

    So get ready for a drive for our smooth ride with our blog to win the race against duplicity.

    What is duplicate content?

    Generally, duplicate content can be defined as content which could be accessed by multiple URLs of websites or blogs, which spoils content efficiency.

     Due to this the visitor are not able to get quality content. Added on the pages with little to no content are also considered to be duplicate content.

    There are multiple problems that can occur due to the presence of the Duplicate Content:

    1. Duplicate content makes less or no value for your visitors and puzzles search engines.
    2. SEO performance is harmed by the presence of it.
    3. Duplicate content decreases the ranking and performance of the website or blog during the search.
    4. It can be caused by technical mishaps and manually copied content. 

    Blogs with duplicate content can be penalized by Google. Yes, you heard it right Manual Actions From Google.

    What actually is a Manual Action?

    According To Google when a Human Reviewer at Google reviewed a blog/site and they found the site doesn't compliant with Google's webmaster quality guidelines and it is just trying to trick the search engines to manipulate the search Index.

    What happened when Manual Action strikes on our blog?

    The first thing you will not be knowing whether your blog is stricken by Manual Action. because Google told in this article they can lower your blog ranking without notifying or indicating user.

    How To Know Whether the Blog is Penalized?

    1. You can get the notification if you register your blog in Google Webmaster Tools.
    In the Manual Action Section, you will find whether your blog is hit by a manual action or not.

    2. The sudden drop in organic traffic can also be the cause of Manual Action. Register your site in Google Analytics then weekly check how much is your traffic? Check for a sudden drop in traffic.

    Which Manual Action is for Duplicate Content?

    Google Have classified Manual Actions based on the user actions to manipulate search engine to achieve their desires.

    Google has more than 10 types of Manual Actions but for the duplicate content which contains no weight. it has Thin content with little or no added value Manual Action.

    What Google has to say about this please check:

    Types of duplicate content:

    These are the Types of duplicate content that we come across are discussed below:

    Scraped content:

    The Scraped content can be defined as content which is not original on a site and has been copied.

    These can be copied from some another website without permission of the owner of the website. Google may be sometimes not abler to tell difference between both of the original and the copy, so it's often the site owner's task to be on the lookout for scrapers.

    As we know it adds no benefit to the ranking. The content owner must know; what to do if their content gets stolen.

    Syndicated content:

    Syndicated content or syndication of the content is when it gets republished on some other third party website, but with the permission of the original piece's author.

    Well as we know it’s a legal way to get your content in front of the new viewer to increase the audience base.

    It's important to set some set of rules so that the third party publisher who is working with to make sure syndication doesn't turn out be a problematic issue for the website.

    With the use of canonical tags, you can authenticate the originality of content.

    HTTP and HTTPS pages:

    This is a problem that occurs commonly when internal duplication problems are identical HTTP and HTTPS URLs on a site.

    These issues arise when the switch to HTTPS isn't implemented with the thorough attention the process requires.

    The most common circumstances when this occurs are:

    This can happen if there are backlinks from other sites directing to HTTP pages, It happens because some internal links on your site still contain the old protocol, and the non-secure pages do not redirect visitors to the secure ones.

    Similar content:

    Most often completely identical content are thought of as duplicate content. But a chunk of very similar content also comes under it. Mostly when we write some kind of same stuff those are kind of identical like travelling same place etc. So we can merge those to eradicate this problem.
    On blogs, similar content disputes may arise while updating the old content. In this situation, using a canonical link on the older article is the best solution.

    Printer-friendly pages:

    It happens as your site's pages have printer-friendly versions accessible which is accessed via separate URLs, it will be easy for Google to find and crawl those through internal links. As content on the page itself and its version which is printer friendly are going to be identical.

    How Google find Duplicate content:

    So now, this question might be in your head, how Google identify duplicate content. The answer is Crawlers.

    In simple Crawlers is a set of instruction which is programmed to visit various sites over the internet. So, websites or specific pages can be selectively visited and indexed. Crawlers often called as spiderbots, got the name because it crawls through a site a page at a time.

    In this way the crawler bots search your site, they will recognize the duplicacy of the site and so, it is indeed duplicate content.


    In this article, we learned about Duplicate Content in WordPress, Manual Action on Duplicate  Content by Google and How Search  Engines find duplicate content.

    In the next article, I will explain you step by step how to fix the duplicate content issues. Hope all of you learned something useful from this tutorial. Please share this article on your social pages.
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    Best Budget Laptop with fair Graphics for Education under 30k

    Best Budget Laptop with fair Graphics for Education under 30k

    Hello, Friends If you are a Student, Developer, Civil Engineer searching for a Budget laptop that can run big Softwares and the one that should not put a hole in your pockets.

    AMD is giving a tough competition to Intel when it comes to its series Ryzen which is power efficient and has some Good Integrated graphics compare to Intel.

    Most of the Laptops which have Intel Core i5 Processor of 8 Generation and 8GB of Ram the starting price is around 38k in Indian Rupees.

    The Best Budget Laptop when it comes to performance is Lenovo Ideapad 330 With Ryzen 5, 8GB of Ram and Integrated Vega 8 Graphics.

    You can get this laptop at 27,240 Rupees in Flipkart Republic Day Sale when you pay with SBI Card you will this 10% extra flat discount. This offer is only valid until 22 January 2019.

    Buy @ Flipkart Lenovo Ideapad 330 Ryzen 5 Quad Core

    We have checked the benchmark of this CPU is actually a beast when comes to performance check its benchmark score.

    AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Benchmark

    Why Buy:

    1. Ryzen 5 2500U Powerful Quadcore Processor
    2. Vega 8 Powerful Integrated Graphics
    3. 8GB of Ram
    4. 1TB Hardisk
    5. The laptop is slim and is Beautiful


    1. Laptop Display is Poor
    2. Battery drains in 3 hours
    3. No Backlights in Keyboard
    We can neglect these cons when we are focusing on performance-based laptops this laptop can run big software and mid-level games easily.

    Comparing Ryzen 5 2500U with Intel Core i5-8250U @ 1.60GHz

    Comparing Ryzen 5 2500U with Intel Core i5-8250U @ 1.60GHz

    This processor is giving a very tough competition to Intel Core i5 8250U Processor Which is having a slightly higher score.

    Lenovo 330 Ryzen 5 2500U Graphics:

    I have also checked the Graphics Benchmark of Vega 8 which is an Integrated Graphics within the processor.

    When I compare it with the Intel i5 8250U Graphics then Ryzen Won the game here.

    Lenovo 330 Ryzen 5 2500U Graphics:


    Intel Processors are always Good But their prices are not so Consumer Friendly but they have got a good competitor who is offering similar features at less price now let see whether Intel will alter their products pricing. 

    All the information collected is from 3rd Party sites so if there are any mistakes then, please say in the comments.
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