Windows 10 Features Guide To Beginners 2017

Windows 10 Features Guide To Beginners 2017

As far back as Microsoft acquainted Windows 10 with the majority in July 2015, gathering has been blended. Depreciators have reprimanded the unpleasant Cortana, while others have adulated Microsoft for drawing out a program which is an honest to goodness to utilize. In spite of being somewhat of a tepid Windows fan for a long time, I need to confess to being prevailed upon by Windows 10. It has a strong vibe to it that influences you to feel as though it can deal with anything you toss at it and is extremely efficient as an Operating System.

Windows 10 is the most effective working framework that Microsoft has ever constructed, but on the other hand it's the most mind boggling. While the UI isinstinctive to a great degree, you'll need to burrow somewhat more profound to alter your experience, get greatest execution and benefit as much as possible from highlights, for example, the Cortana voice aide, Edge programand numerous desktops.

Few basics of this OS are listed as under:-

Installation: There are two methodologies you can take for introducing Windows 10 in your PC: Upgrade or a Clean Install. Regularly, when you redesign your working framework, every one of your records and applications stay unaltered, though with a clean introduce you would begin again sans preparation. Be that as it may, one vital thing to confirm first is if your PC has the vital equipment to help Windows 10. 

Windows 10 Requirements:

The primary prerequisites are −

  1. A processor (CPU) with a time rate of no less than 1GHz. 
  2. No less than 1 to 2GB of memory (RAM), yet Microsoft prescribes 4GB. 
  3. No less than 16GB space in your hard disk.

Getting Started: 

After you have introduced or overhauled your Windows, you will get a Welcome Screen with the time and date. Simply click anyplace to go to the User Accounts Screen. 

Welcome Screen
This screen gives you a chance to pick which client you need to sign in to from the lower-left corner. Subsequent to picking the correct client, and entering a secret key if vital, you will see the Windows Desktop. 

The Windows Desktop is just your working framework principle screen. Here you approach a variety of devices like the Start Menu, Taskbar, and different symbols. Windows 10 additionally presents a search box on the Taskbar, which encourages perusing both your PC and the Web.

GUI basics: 

When you get to the Windows Desktop screen, here 
are some essential highlights you will see.

GUI basics:


Windows 10 includes a progression of devices to enable you to shield your PC from dangers like infections and other malware. The three primary security apparatuses are –
  • User Account Control: The Windows User Account Control is an instrument that cautions you when somebody or something endeavors to change your PC framework settings. At the point when this happens, the screen will alarm you until the point that an Administrator can affirm the change. This secures your PC against coincidental changes or pernicious programming modifying your settings.
  • Windows Firewall:  Windows Firewall keeps unapproved access from outside to get into your PC. As a matter of course, it is swung on to secure your PC and your system.
  • Windows Defender: Windows Defender is an antivirus and malware security incorporated into your working framework. It enables you to filter your PC for pernicious programming, while likewise checking each record or program you open.
  • Backup and Recovery: Windows 10 includes a few devices to enable you to perform reinforcements of your archives. Here are some of these instruments. 
  • File History: Record History will play out a move down of the records situated in your libraries (Documents, Pictures, Music, and so forth.) It enables you to pick a drive, where you can go down your records and afterward requests that you when do it. 
  • Backup and Restore (Windows 7)- This device, which was expelled in Windows 8 and 8.1, was brought back enabling you to perform back-ups and re-establish information from old Windows 7 reinforcements. In any case, it likewise lets to move down your standard records on Windows 10.
  • Making a System Image- In the event that your PC falling flat, Windows 10 offers you a few other options to reestablish it to a particular state. One of these options is making what is known as a framework picture. A framework picture is a duplicate of all your framework and program records required for your PC to run legitimately. You can utilize this choice to store a picture of your PC at a particular minute, and utilize it to reestablish your PC to that state later. 
  • Resetting the PC - Another option Windows 10 offers you for framework recuperation is essentially called "Reset this PC". This alternative will enable you to restore your PC to its default processing plant settings. It will likewise give you the alternative of keeping your records or evacuating everything.

Parental Control: 

Parental Control:

Windows 10 enables you to set up a kid's record for your youngsters. This record will enable you to build up confinements on how the record is utilized and screen what your child does.

Users Management: 

Like most Windows adaptations since XP, Windows 10 enables you to sign in to various client accounts when utilizing your PC. Like we talked about before, you can pick which account you need to sign in to subsequent to turning on the PC.


We have Shared this tutorial for the beginners who still are confused in using windows 10. Hope you like this tutorial and learned some of the basic features of windows.

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