5 Ways to optimize your windows 10 and extract its full potential

Microsoft Corp, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, is an American multi-national tech company. It has its headquarters located in Redmond, Washington DC. The company is known for developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and operating systems, and services. Microsoft is reportedly the sixth largest information technology company (third-largest now by the end of 2017), following Samsung Electronics Ltd and Apple Inc., in the modern-era. Microsoft Corp has assets worth $182 billion and its net worth is said to have reached almost $500 billion. Windows 10 is the most recently developed and launched OS by Microsoft Corp.
Windows 10 Cover

    Windows 10, a personal operating system, developed and launched by Microsoft, the system belongs to a part of the Windows NT family. The windows 10 is reportedly the best and most user-friendly operating system developed by Microsoft, following Windows 98, Windows XP, and Windows 7. The Windows 10  is used as the OS base of various products from Microsoft like personal computers, tablets, phones, mixed reality, embedded systems, Xbox One, and the Surface Hub. The Windows 10 comes with the inbuilt installer of DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0, significantly enhancing the graphics capabilities of the operating system. The user is provided with the best gaming and virtual experience.

    Here are 5 best ways to optimize your Windows 10, and extract its full potential:

    If you think that your personal computer, phone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget based on the Windows 10 OS is lagging, you should try out these simple steps to boost your system's capabilities and deliver you its best performance. Try out these 5 steps to make your device function smooth and less prone to performance issues and system crashes.

    Change your power settings :

    In case you’re using the Power saver plan of Windows 10, you are most likely slowing down your device. This particular feature offered by Windows 10 reduces the device’s performing capabilities, in order to save energy. Changing the Power saver plan from High Performance and Balanced will surely provide your device with an instant power boost.

    Power Settings in windows 10

    To do it:

    1. Go to the Control Panel.
    2. Then select hardware and sound.
    3. There select the Power option. (There are usually two visible options: Balanced and Power saver).   

    Disable the programs running on startup:

    This might be one of the biggest reason for your device’s sluggish performance. Your programs and the over-all the performance of the device will be automatically slowed down if there are numerous applications running in the background. These applications might not be of the user’s immediate importance or the device may never use them at all, the best thing to do would be to delete these applications, the once built-in can’t be deleted so it’s better to Force Stop them.

    Disable the programs running on startup

    To do it:

    1. Start by launching the Task Manager.
    2. You will the main running applications there.
    3. Click on More Details to check the list of the applications running in the background.
    4. Go to the Startup tab to see the applications that are automatically launching themselves during the start-up, there you will see an option called the ‘Start-up Impact’. This option will likely show you the applications, running in the background, having the most impact on your device’s performance.
    5. Disable them from the ‘Disable’ option.

    Clean out your registry:

    The main feature that tracks and controls the overall look and functioning of the Windows, is the Registry. The registry includes all the information about the location of the stored programmes, the DLLs they use and share, recommended programs to open the specific type of files, and many other very important feature of the Windows. Best not to do the cleaning yourself as cleaning totally from the Registry is quite complicated and the feature itself is a very fragile part of the OS.

    Clean out your registry

    The Auslogics Registry Cleaner is the most recommended application to clean your registry, to do it:

    1. Backup your registry first.
    2. On the left side of the app screen, you will be able to see the various kinds of Registry issues that you want to clean-up.
    3. Now, click ‘Scan-now’ to identify the issues and make fixes in Registry.
    4. You can also use the ‘Scan and Repair’ option, but this will makes fixes in the Registry without consulting you.
    5. While you are cleaning your Registry, make sure that the ‘Backup changes’ option is ticked.

    Disable shadows, animations, and visual effects:

    Windows 10 comes with a wide range of visual applications, they are very entertaining when enabled, goes very easy on the eyes too, but these can be one of the greatest reasons for your Windows 10 based device’s sluggish performance. It's very easy to turn them off.
    Disable shadows, animations, and visual effects

    To do it:

    1. In the Windows 10 search box, type ‘sysdm.cpl’ and hit enter.
    2. This will launch the ‘System Properties’ dialogue box, go to the advanced tab and click on ‘Settings’ in the performance section.
    3. Disable the desired effects.

    Launch Windows troubleshooter:

    This is the easiest and best built-in way to identify the causes of your device’s sluggish performance.

    Launch Windows troubleshooter

    To launch the troubleshooter:

    1. Go to the Control Panel.
    2. Go to System and Security.
    3. Go to Security and Maintenance.
    4. Go to Troubleshooting.
    5. Run maintenance tasks.
    6. Click next when the troubleshooting screen appears.


    Optimizing your Windows 10 is easier than ever before, this is a list of the 5 most simple yet powerful steps to extract the full potential of your Windows 10 based device. The sluggish performance will never be an issue again.

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