Top Credible Websites Every Blogger Must Follow to Lift SEO

List of Top Blogs For SEO & Blogging Every Blogger Must Bookmark

    Top SEO blogs that you can follow to get for great content

    The change is inevitable been said before and I'll say it again: SEO is constantly changing.  With new plugins in recent time saw Panda and Penguin updates, the enlarged importance of semantic SEO, updates to Google+ and authorship, and much more. One of the ways to keep up with SEO news is to follow some of the top SEO blogs in the industry which is not an easy task. We want to have websites containing latest and informative SEO content. Here are some of the SEO blogs stand out against the rest.

    The Google Blog: 

    This is clearly a blog that never becomes obsolete in market and contain best in types of content. It's always informed, correct, and it’s something you should be reading. However, this blog is purely for the latest news from Google. You won't find them giving tips on subjects you want to learn more about. For that, you have to read the others.

    Search Engine Land:

    Perhaps it is one of the most popular SEO blog that always contains the first to break news. You'll find that there are many articles written, on one subject having in depth knowledge that can answer all of your questions in right way. You can find the variety of the articles written by the writer which are well versed with knowledge.

    Search Engine Watch:

    This is also one of the main blogs out there on the web for SEO. This is probably one of my favorite sites to navigate and one of my favorite designs. While Search Engine Land is typically the first to break news and get it out there, Search Engine Watch still covers the news and always seems to publish just a little bit more frequently and add just a little bit more information. In other words, reading both is beneficial.

    Search Engine Journal:

     In this blog you can find variety of the blogs written by number of writers as guest writer. It also covers news like the other main websites, but this one seems to have a more with videos, great comments, and some of the most detailed content around. 


    Moz has been in the SEO game since 2004, publishing some of the best guides available for beginners. They also publish quite a bit of advanced material and keep things very detailed, so just about any small business can benefit. They don't report SEO news quite as much as the others, but they delve into popular topics frequently.


    This is a vibrant blog because it puts a focus on data and metrics and is incredibly thorough. Although they do cover other subjects besides just SEO, they publish frequently enough that there is almost always a few articles each week that can help your SEO efforts. If you're in search of a blog which content is detailed and have every angle of a topic, this can lead to end for that search.

    Yoast SEO Blog:

    Most of the Wordpress Users are familiar with This Company. Yoast in its Blog Covers Most of the topics Related to SEO Like Optimize your Blog For SEO, Blogger to WordPress Guides, eCommerce, Social Media Optimization. and Much more Like Creating Useful Plugins For SEO Of your Blogs etc


    This is a company which is indulging in more fields rather than that just blog. They provide best Audit tool in the industry so they really know their work in deep. They rarely have guest author and have own authors mainly. It offers abundant information and advice that you can easily apply to better SEO observes. 


    Well the best thing about the blog is that that this blog is well is written in very good way. The articles here are in a familiar tone and have done a good job improving the content to make it easy to comprehend. You can get here the SEO advice and topic covers from other fields like sales, academy, web design, etc.

    Neil Patel’s Blog

    As far blogging is concerned he is one of the most trusted brand for most of the big companies. One of the biggest blog for marketing related strategies. Neil is one of the Top online marketer, and Entrepreneur. So Following his blog makes logic.

    My Blogger Tricks:

    One of the best blog for Blogger widgets or plugins. This Blog writes about SEO, Blogger Tips and Tricks, affiliate marketing etc. Hugely popular because of its credible articles its Questions and Answers Forum.

    Trending Widgets:

    In this Blog We Share Responsive Blogger Plugins, SEO Tutorials, Link Building Guide, Blogging Guide  For Beginners etc. So Try To Follow us we will provide the best practical tutorials for the above discussed topics.


    At the End I just want to say you if you want to be successful in blogging follow this blogs. If you think This list is too big then follow few blogs not all but bookmark all of them so that if you are facing problem in something then you can search in different blogs so that you can get your answer in a easy way. 

    If you think your Blog also deserved to be in this list please drop your comment or Contact us We will add your Blog also in this list. If you think we have missed an important blog then please comment and say us the name.

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