List of 21+ Essential Google's Ranking Factors Blogger must Know

List of 21+ Essential Google's Ranking Factors Blogger must Know

    Most Important Google Ranking Factors 2017 List

    Writing and posting blog Posts is Not about finding your website or blog on the top list. There are number of factors that can affect the rankings, and can help for the better ranking of the blog so you need to follow some of them that can lead your blog in a long Race. It is said the Google Uses 200 Small or Big Factors to rank a website or Blog.

    Don't See the Number See that You are Following all the factors that can rank your site top in the SERP. If you are not following yet then make sure after reading this post you will make your site comply all the factors.

    Factors related to Domain:

    1. Domain Age: 

    According to my knowledge and experience Google use domain age as one of the factor For SEO. This Shows How Long your Website is active or Live From and If Domain is Active for years then it Will build a Reputation and Credibility. Which And What type of Sites domain you use to take backlinks from. But it is not very important.

    2. Keyword in Domain and the Sub-Domain Name:

    Choosing Relevant Keywords of Your Subject in the Domain Name is also a Factor. if you are starting a blog or Website For a Single Niche Then Use That Keyword in the domain name. This is one of the main and significant factors for any domain.The keyword of the domain that you are using must be better than your competitors as same as your sub-domain name then it definitely increases up your website rank in search engine.

    For Example: If you are starting a Site Related to only Games then Use Keyword Games in the Domain Name this will help your site to rank Good in this competition. If you have multi Niche Site then try to Optimize Domain name and its Description based on the niche.

    3. TLD Extension: 

    TLD acronym as Top Level Domain, having a TLD (.in, .com, .edu) If You are starting an eCommerce Site And Your Business is for Specific People or Country Then use Country Level Domain Extensions Like .in, .uk, .au, .jp etc can helps a lot to your website rank well in your country but bounds the site’s ability to rank worldwide with extensions like .com, .net, .org etc.

    1. Try To Buy your Own Domain Name instead of using Sub-domains for Your Blogger or WordPress Blogs.
    2. If you are running an Educational Institution use .edu as your Domain Extension this will make your site specific for Education.
    3. Check Different Domain Extensions That are rising day by day and chose relevant to your business type.

    4. Past of Your Domain: 

    Before Purchasing any Domain Check its Past Whether it was purchased before if it was purchased then why the owner drop the domain. Whether It was penalized by Google in the Past or Banned By Google Adsense or other networks in the past. So it's past might affect current rankings of the domain Always Make sure not to purchase a domain which was penalized before.

    Page-Level Factors

    5. Keyword in Title Tag with Keywords: 

    Most of the Sites Use H1 Tags as the Title Tags as this is the most important heading in the document. Try to use maximum two h1 tags in the homepage more than this decrease the importance of this keywords too.

    Title tag is recorded as one of the most important in Google ranking factors for any website, using a title tag can send a great SEO signal to search engine. The usage of the keyword in the starting part is the main factor so must use better keywords at the end and start.

    6. Keyword Appears in Description and H1 Tag:

    As we know How important is Heading 
    Use an exact keyword in your description tag and also in H1 tag, these also sends strong signals in Google ranking factors and relates to relevancy of the content.

    7. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document: 

    Frequently use focus keyword in your content provides content relevancy signal to Google. If you write 300-word article then use your keyword three times in content and if your write 1000 word content then use your keyword as a phrase for 7 to 8 time makes great impact in search engine result.

    8. Content-Length and density of the keyword: 

    length of the content on your web page or website is also includes into the main ranking factor. Write content for your website or blog giving full information about the blog, if you want to see its first page of the Google search engine result.It is more important part of your web page to improve your ranking in search engine. But, in my opinion, keyword density shows the content relevancy of your page and makesit easy to understand Google sends command by algorithms to look for density and use of that.

    9. Sitemap: 

    A Sitemap is a file that lists all Posts and page of a site in a systematic and ordered way. Sitemap Allows Users to add more Information about the pages it listed like when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site. This Help Search Engines To Crawl the site more efficiently.

    10. Mobile Friendly or Responsive Site: 

    We are Living in a very competitive world where Technology is playing Key role. The Evolve of the Smartphones Changes the world Where From Shopping, Gaming, Watching Movies etc is done by Smart Phones So it is very necessary for the Blog or Website Owners To make their site Very Responsive and mobile friendly. Make Your Website Apps So that it will be easy for the visitors to find your site on the web.

    11. (LSI) Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content:

    It’s also sends a robust content relevancy signal to Google. As, If you write about SEO Optimization than, It’s important to include terms related to that like “optimization, Search Engine, Website etc.” word near to your phrase.

    12. Duplicate Content:

    If your site has Same Content or Slightly Modified Content or content which do not have any meaning then this will negatively impact on your site in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) And your site can be caught as spam and can be penalized.

    13. Canonical Tag:

    If your Site Two Pages or URL's Have Same Content Then Your Site contains Duplicate content and can be caught as spam this is unavoidable So here comes the " rel=canonical " to the rescue. What this tag will do is it tells Search Engines that this both URL's are One Not Separate Individuals so it will solve your problem if it is used correctly.

    14. Grammar and Spelling: 

    Proper usage of the grammar and correct spelling in your content is important. Then it also sends a strong quality signal to Google.

    15. Usage of Multimedia: 

    You can use at least one feature image, video or any other multimedia on your webpage that act as content worth’s.

    16. Page Loading Speed: 

    Every User Loves Fast Loading Of the Site and Google Makes This also a Factor For SEO. Nobody Likes Slow Websites or Websites Full of useless Widgets OR Plugins That Can Slow the Site. So Minify your Site JavaScript, CSS and Optimize Markup Code also.

    If your Blog has Good Content and it has Good number of Followers too in Social Media or Subscribers but the visitors are not coming to your site Please Check your Site Loading Speed also. This might effect your ranking in the SERP Too.

    Make use of CDN This will Dramatically Decrease your site Loading Time.

    Search engine can estimate your site speed based on a page’s code and file size.Google may use Chrome data of user to get a better handle on a page’s speed time as this takes into account server speed, use of the CDN and other non HTML-related site speed signals.

    17. Image Optimization:

    Presence of the images on the page send search engines important relevancy signals with their file name, alt text, title, explanation and caption.

    Always Compress your images before uploading to your site and Use Alt & Title Tag Compulsory in your images.

    Check our Article on Image Optimization: Image Optimization Guide 

    18. Page Age and Layout: 

    In spite of that Google prefers new content an older page which is frequently updated may overtake a newer page.Google quality guideline also considers the Layout of the page it must be in friendly and easy to read format.

    19. Outbound Link Quality and Relevancy:

    The Quality of the Outbound link from a high authority site is performs a great impact in the search engine and also increase your domain authority and also send a trust signal to Google.

    20. Server Location and SSL Certificates: 

    Location of the server may impact where your site ranks in different geographic regions which are important for location based searches. Google also considers SSL certificates as well as HTTPs as ranking signal.

    21. Internal Iinking: 

    For Example: When you Write about Sports and if you are mentioning a Sportsmen and you already wrote an article about that sportsmen in your earlier posts then you need to link that old post to this new post where it is required this is called internal linking this helps both the pages to pass their juice and strengthen each other.


    We Finally Concludes This Post Here we have shared important factors for SEO. Still there are many more factors that directly or indirectly influence your site rankings in the SERP. 

    When you Create a new Blog Always Follow The Best Practices. It is hard to follow the best practices but when you did then you will see your blog ranking increasing gradually and never try to purchase traffic, backlinks etc See Your Site Rank will improve slowly it might take weeks or Months but don't loose hope always update your blog daily.

    So keeping in view these above factors and many others in mind you can go ahead making your site in demanding and useful for websites. So keep following the post and others with relevant ahead to get more info for SEO Tips.

    That's It Thanks For Following our Tutorial '' List of 21+ Essential Google's Ranking Factors Blogger must Know '' Along With us If you found any difficulty Please Comment and Share Your Valuable Opinion. And Stay tuned for More Tutorials Like This and Share this with your friends.

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