Adding Tag/Label Below The Blogger Post is Good For SEO?

Adding Tag/Label Below The Blogger Post is Good For SEO?

 I have answered this question many times but newbie bloggers or template developers are confused so today I thought to create a post and clear this so that I can share this post whenever someone asks this question.

Can I add a tag/label below the post?

Yes, You can add the tag below the post, below the post title or even separately in the sidebar or in footers.

Is it Good or Bad?

It is good because internal linking can reduce bounce rate and help visitors to find your old and new posts easily this will help them to stay on your blog for a longer time and interact with the posts. 

What about Search Engines like Google?

By default, Blogger creates robots.txt file which instructs search engines, not to index the URLs starting /search so Google Bots will read this instruction and exclude these URLs from indexing to avoid duplication of posts.

Please check again the first image above to see how robots.txt file is already structured by blogger.

You can find your blog robots.txt file by typing /robots.txt after the Blog Url like below
Change to your blog URL to check.

Bonus For Understanding 

What are tags/labels in blogger?

 A collection of posts that are or about a similar or common topic are tagged or labelled for identification.

 For example - If a user is interested in a post about how to make a cake and then there that user found Tags/Labels regarding cakes, cold cakes, cooking, then this will help them to find more posts or recipes and helps you too to get more views.

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