Important APIs to improve Blog Rank in Search Engine Results

List of Essential APIs to Enhance SEO - Every Blogger Must Know

List of Essential APIs to Enhance SEO - Every Blogger Must Know

    Improve Your Blog Ranking By This Ultimate List of APIs 

    What is an API?

    API The Short Form For Application Programming Interface. API in General is a method or enabling a way to users for building software applications or allowing them to use their services in limited or unlimited manners by following their Guidelines.

    Many Big Sites offer Free APIs Which We can use them in our Apps or Websites But We are Required to signup and get their API Key then only we can use their services. But here in this post we are discussing API's which are limited to Blogging And SEO.

    Terming API in simple words APIs are just as User Interfaces which are enable With Different Users in Mind. We introduced the idea that an application user interface, or API as interface for software. APIs are used by software applications as a way as interfaces for apps and other software utilized by humans. It is third party interface that decreases heavy work of blogger in simple as a part of SEO work.

    1. Business stakeholders looking for new opportunities and operational efficiencies 
    2. The technical staff that's chartered with turning an organization's compute infrastructure into a reflection of the go-forward strategies and objectives.

    Some of the Important SEO APIs that can be used while creating blogs are discussed ahead.

    1. DataForSEO Keywords Data:

    The DataForSEO Keywords Data API integrates keywords selection and analysis efficiency into search applications. It is available in REST architecture and having basic authentication and JSON protocols.

    2. DataForSEO Rank Tracker:

    The DataForSEO Rank Tracker & SERP API is built to track keywords rankings in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. It is available in REST architecture with JSON format and HTTP basic.

    3. SEO4Ajax Public:

    The SEO4Ajax Public API allows users to retrieve captures and sitemaps of their sites. This API is intended for use by an HTTP server in order to proxify bot requests of resources to the SEO4Ajax.

    4. UpCity:

    The UpCity API is available for purchase by contacting the platform as a service. Benefits include keyword, crawl, and local listing data from over 20 sources. It is used to improve ranking of websites.

    5. SEOMonitor:

    The SEOMonitor API integrates search engine optimization features into applications. It is available in JSON architecture with HTTP responses. Token is required to authenticate as a service users.

    6. Prerender:

    The Prerender API integrates JavaScript rendering features into websites, with the aim to optimize SEO content. It installs on your server will check each request to see if it's a request from a crawler.

    7. CognitiveSEO:

    The Cognitive SEO API integrates tools that aim to increase web traffic. It is available in JSON architecture with Api Key. This tool includes Methods include campaigns, keywords, and social.

    8. eRanker:

    The eRanker API integrates audit tools into SEO applications. It is available in HTTP request methods with GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE commands. API Key is required to authenticate. 

    9. MySite Auditor API:

    The MySite Auditor API integrates SEO forms into websites with the aim to convert visitors into leads. It is available in JSON format with Api Key.

    10. Act-On SEO:

    The Act-On SEO API allows developers to integrate their applications with the API service, enabling their users to fetch and add SEO keywords, and to run as SEO report. 

    11. SimilarTech Website Technologies Profiling:

    The SimilarTech Website Technologies Profiling API allows the user to access a list of website technologies and their associated category found on a specific website. 

    12. Google PageSpeed Insights:

    PageSpeed Insights is a tool that helps developers optimize their web pages by analyzing the pages and generating tailored suggestions to make the pages faster. 


    We Finally Concludes This Post here we have provided the list of sites who are offering APIs For Blogging and SEO. If you found some problems using this APIs or you found some Sites Stopped their API Services Then Please drop your comment or contact us.  

    If you are listening this word API for the first time then don't feel bad feel good that at-least today you got to know about API And Try to learn more about APIs By Searching on Google. This will help you to become Good Web Developer and try to create good application for other companies.

    If you know More Useful APIs Which can Help Bloggers in ranking the Blog Higher in the Search Engine Please Share with us.

    That's It Thanks For Following our Tutorial '' 12 Useful APIs For Search Engine Optimization SEO - Every Blogger Must Know  '' Along With us If you found any difficulty Please Comment and Share Your Valuable Opinion. And Stay tuned for More Tutorials Like This and Share this with your friends.

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