Learn Difference Between On-page and Off-page SEO For Blogs

Don't Confuse Between On-page and Off-page SEO - Get on First Page

Don't Confuse Between On-page and Off-page SEO - Get on First Page

    SEO Importance:

    Why SEO is important for blogger blogs?

    BlogSpot is one of popular platform for bloggers in the domain. That means Blogger is one of best blogging platforms. You can start the art of your for writing from the blogger anytime in free.

    The success of the blogging is not decided only based on the having one blog many other factors also came in the way. Every second, two blogs get a real estate on the Internet? So you have to be better and smart enough than other of the blogs to compete and better enough. If not, all try to be the 
    Number 1 page of Google SEO?

    Therefore, to get the attention of search engines, you have to follow some rules, ways. It’s search engine optimization. In shortened words, SEO.

    To get better traffic to your page or blog, you should optimize your blog for search engines. When optimizing blogs for search engines, you will find two sides of search engine optimization.
    1. On Page Search Engine Optimization
    2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

    Difference Between On-Page & Off-Page SEO

    What is On Page search engine optimization?

    Everything you do with your blog belongs to on page search engine optimization or On-page SEO
    1. Content producing 
    2. Blog design
    3. Post Interlinking 
    4. Post categorization 
    and many other on-site aspects can influence to on page SEO of blog.

    In fact, on page optimization is the best way to improve traffic to your blog. If you don’t have a firm blog with good content that can attract and engage people then how can you increase the traffic of your blog or increase your revenue?
    Some answer for that you might find ahead with these ahead scenarios on ahead techniques.

    What is Off Page search engine optimization?

    The other side of search engine optimization is off page search engine optimization or Off-page SEO. Everything outside of your blog, yet they influence to your blog belongs to Off-page SEO or Off-site SEO. 
    1. Outbound links 
    2. Social mentions and 
    3. Brand mentions belongs to Off-page SEO.
    One of the smart ways to improve your off-page SEO value on your is to include the social media accounts on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ so that interested parties can follow you and share your posts. As with on-page SEO tactics, always make sure that you keep your preferred keywords and phrases in mind when you update your social media accounts.

    In search engine optimization, off page SEO does a great role in improving rank. An example, Backlinks are one of the top factors that Google uses to rank web pages on Google SERPs.

    Though Off-page SEO is so important in search engine optimization, you can actually improve your BlogSpot SEO by using ethical on-page SEO techniques.

    The wonderful thing about On-page SEO is that you can control over everything. With the help of this you can decide how much traffic you want and predict how much traffic you’ll receive by using each on-page SEO technique.


    We Finally Concludes This Post at an important Node That Both On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization is necessary to get top ranks in Search Engine SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

    So Keep Making Organic Backlinks And Create Your Site in the way that The Search Bot Understands and Fetch your Site without any errors or warnings and make it Easy to Navigate for your visitors too.

    To Check your Site For any HTML, CSS or any other Language Error Check Your Site on 

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