8 Must Follow Methods To Build Backlinks For A Brand New Blog

8 Must Follow Methods To Build Backlinks For A Brand New Blog
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8 Must Follow Methods To Build Backlinks For Brand New Blog

    8 Best Ways to Build Backlinks for your Blog

    Know About Backlinks:

    Backlinks are on of the most important Factor in ranking a blog. There are two types of backlinks one is called as dofollow and another one is nofollow. Dofollow links send the link juice to your blog and nofollow link doesn’t. This link juice helps you to increase the rankings and authority of your website. Increase in the authority of the website helps you to build your blog and to gain more traffic through them. So, here are the some ways if building links to your blog then go through them.

    Guest posting

    This is the most popular and best way to build links for your blog. You all need to contact the website owners where they are providing backlinks through guest post for free otherwise you have to manually look out for the websites in facebook groups where they will provide the links by paying. Here you all need to provide a strong content for their blog and get the backlinks through the post. You can get maximum two backlinks to your blog one for homepage and another for the post which you want to rank.

    Social Bookmarking

    This is also one of the most popular ways to build backlinks to your blog. Here you all need to find the websites where you can bookmark your website. You just need to create your account in these social bookmarking sites and add the homepage in the website then you can add or submit your blog on the social bookmarking sites. These sites will also help you in increase in the rankings and authority of your website. Apart from that you can even you can increase the traffic through these websites.

    Contextual Links

    Contextual links are the links which will be built in the homepage of the blog. These are not sitewide links but you get the links from homepage. This link will be published in homepage but it will be published like its coming from Homepage. You need to care while building the links like this in your blog. Because you will get lots of links to you blog through it and you should aware that. Even you need to take care of the domain and page authority of that bog. These sites will helps you in effective way of rankings.

    Forum Links

    Forum links are the links which you will get the links from forums. You just need to search for the forums those give the dofollow links and they must be free from spam. Apart from that they have to be free from spam. They are from same niche on the platform which in your blog is and mainly it must get some traffic.


    Web2.0 is the greatest way to build backlinks to your blog. Web2.0S are the sites that you build one free platform like Blogger.com, wordpres.com, joomla, weebly and many more. These sites will have great authority and page rank. So, you can build the website there and build links to your blog.

    Writing For Passion Not For Money

    See If you are a Blogger Who Loves Technology Try to Write the Best and Awesome Reviews About That Gadgets First So that Readers Read And Share If you write Original. If you are a blogger Loves Fashion Write the Best you know that Others Don't Know. I think You have Heard or Read this line in many Blogging Websites That

    Content is The King

    Why They Say This line Because They Mean it Most of the Sites are Full of Junk Copy and Paste Articles Which do not have Future. See Write that What you Know For Example: if you don't know about Technology and if you just copying and pasting articles then it is of no use. You will not get any backlink from this thing. If you write original many big sites which are relevant to your niche will refer your article in their sites. Try to be King when it comes to content.

    Get Backlink From Infographics

    Infographics is the latest trend to get organic backlink. Try to Create Infographics about your topic and include it in your articles and make them Free With (attribute required) Which means When some bloggers or users Want your infographics in their sites they have to link back to your site this is the best way to get backlink. If you are reading first time about infographics then please Google it This is one of the best way.

    Link Exchange

    When you have many friends or people you know in this blogging field Then you try to ask them to link your site but they will not link it for free then comes this trick.

    To make this trick work make your blog more reputable and popular on Social Networks. This is old but yet Good Working Trick You can ask your friends or Fellow Bloggers To Link your site in return you will add their site So if your friend site is more reputable and your site is just in starting then you can show them your most valuable articles so that they will come to know how hard you are working to grow your site.


    We Finally Concludes This Post We know there are many other methods To build backlinks like Ask and Get Method, Get Backlinks From Broken Links, Get Backlinks From The Site Whose Names are Changed Recently etc But This are the hard working Methods and if you are a Newbie in Blogging then it will be very hard to get backlinks from this methods.  

    Backlinks are important but Content Should be Awesome So Work Hard and Always Follow Correct SEO Methods. Don't Follow Spammy Ways. If you found New Methods to get backlinks and if you want to share with the world then You can share in comment we will add in the post if it is Working And White-hat SEO Method.

    That's It Thanks For Following our Tutorial '' 8 Must Follow Methods To Build Backlinks For A Brand New Blog '' Along With us If you found any difficulty Please Comment and Share Your Valuable Opinion. And Stay tuned for More Tutorials Like This and Share this with your friends.

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