5 Steps Guide: How To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts?

    There are numerous bloggers, who has blog with impressive variety of articles, however few of them only are able to get a decent amount of views in their blog.The most of the novice bloggers doesn’t know how to compose a perfect SEO scored articles in blogger.So today I’m gonna show it how it's done perfectly.

    Composing SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

    Step 1 : Choose A Good SEO Friendly Title For Your Post

    Post title is one of the things that make the visitor to click and explore on the post. The post title should be small, compact, intriguing and to the point.

    Step 2 : Provide High Quality Contents Along With Proper Source

    Collect all the content from reliable source, When you writing the articles avoid any grammatical mistake or spelling mistake. Don’t use Article spinner or any kind of copy/scrammbler type of software which only rearranges the words. Google algorithm will fish out the plagiarized lines and your blog ranking will fall down in query search.

    Step 3 : Use Crispier Images

    Always use crispier image, it makes the post more attractive and thus end up gathering more viewers over other poor displayed posts.

    Step 4 : Use Google Keyword Planner

    I urge you to use the GKP to find the most searched keywords. If you are thinking that just using popular keywords will raise your post visibility, then you are wronged my friend. Placings the keywords over the write section is also an important thing that most of the bloggers forgot to do.Always evenly distribute the keywords over the full article.

    Step 5 : Complete Full Post Setting

    In the right side of your screen you will see a option "Post setting" click on it and complete all the desired fields with much accuracy. This is region which the web crawlers searches for most information about the post. The much optimized information you provide in this section the more chances of your post is to be found by the crawlers.

    So by following these above rules, you increase the rate of your visibility of your blog by 75%. If you have any other suggestion for composing a better SEO optimized article.Please do share your views in the comment box below.

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