What Are H1 Tags or Heading Tags?

Hello Everyone Who Wants To be a designer? This is the most important and Basic Question

What Are H1 Tags?

H1 Tags Where 'H' Stands for Heading And 1,2,3, etc stands for its importance. So H1 Tags Are the most Important tags in the Website. We Should use H1 as Showed in the image above.

<h1>Most important Heading of a Webpage</h1> 

Basically H1 Is used as Heading or title of the Website. So That Search Engine Give more priority to this Title. So It is good practice to use Only <h1> one time in the Site. So that this can be confusing for Search spiders To Crawl properly.


  • <h1> My Site Title</h1>
  • <h1>My Post Title </h1>
  • <h1>My Page Title </h1>

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