ABT SEO Checker : SEO Tools Portal

SEO ToolsHi ! I was thinking from long back to launch a SEO Tools site and its finally here. We have launched ABT SEO Checker. ABT SEO checker is a site in which there are numerous tools which will surely help you and your site. 

Today SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all the sites if they want to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Many a times sites and blogs with good content may be neglected and they do not get the deserved traffic and the reason behind this is poor optimization. One should add crucial things like Meta tags, Robots.txt and other important things in their website. Moreover webmasters should monitor their blog regularly in order to work in a better way and be the best in the competition.

ABT SEO Checker is the ideal site for all the above things. It provides you a large variety of tools for you. The site is no mess and we have not added captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) codes in any of the page because I am a blogger too and I know how annoying and irritating it is to fight on with the captcha codes before the results. ABT SEO Checker stores all important tools for webmasters. The tools are listed below - 
  •     Htaccess Generator – Generate htaccess files on the fly
  •     Robots.txt Generator – Generate robots.txt files in a click
  •     Sitemap Generator – Generate a sitemap for your site!
  •     Robot Mode – See your site how crawlers see it
  •     Speed Test – Tells you how fast your site loads
  •     Meta Tags Generator – Generate quick HTML meta tags.
  •     Keyword Cleaner – Organize and clean a list of tags.
  •     Keyword Generator – Get new keyword ideas for you!
  •     PageRank Lookup – Displays your google pagerank
  •     Backlink Lookup – Shows the number of backlinks you have
  •     Indexed Pages Lookup – See how many pages of your site are indexed
  •     Character Length – Gives you lot of information about the entered text.
  •     Password Generator – Advance and non crackable password genetator
  •     Hash Generator – Convert text into MD5, SHA-1, or CRYPT
  •     Whois Lookup – Look up for a domain's owner
  •     HTTP Header Lookup – Checks if your server is sending the right stuff
  •     Script Resources – Quick code resources like jQuery, Angular JS etc.
  •     Live HTML Editor – Code a website without reloading with our editor !
  •     PayPal Button Generator – Make PayPal Pay/Gift button in a click
  •     Map Image Generator – Create maps of any given address
Give ABT SEO Checker a visit and I am sure that you will not regret for your action. Click the text below.