Tricks To Improve Blog Ranking in Search Results

Improve Blog Ranking
Hello friends, today we have from as a guest author. He  has shared a lot of Blogger Tricks on his blog to improve blog traffic, readership, blog followers, social share counts, blog optimization and many more. And today he is here with an amazing and unique trick to improve blog ranking in search engines. Using this trick, you’ll be able to get following benefits.

  • Better Position in Search Results

  • High Organic Traffic

  • High Google Page Rank

  • Royal Readers and many more.

I know that you are waiting to know this wonderful trick. So, let's hear from Ankit that how to apply this trick on our blog.

How to Improve Ranking in Blogger?

Hi Bloggers, I am Ankit here with a trick to improve blog ranking. Below are some easy steps that you have to follow for today’s tutorial.

You need a HTML sitemap page or Table of Contents page to get this trick in work. If you already have one in your blog then you have done half of the job but if you don't have one then I  strongly recommend you to create it first.

In previous post at this blog, Dhiraj Barnwal (Admin of this blog) shared two amazing Table of Contents widget for bloggers. You can choose any one for your blog which you like most. Read below tutorial for the instructions to add table of contents page in your blog.

So, now you are ready with your Table of Contents page. Let see how to use this page to get ranking in search results.

As a blogger, you must know that we should not create too many backlinks for our homepage. Number of backlinks to inner pages must be thrice than homepage to be safe from over SEO penalties.

That's why we need a Table of Contents page. We have to create backlinks to this page that will help our entire blog to get better ranking in search engines.

How Table of Content Page is helpful for Blog Ranking?

You may be thinking that how building backlinks for Sitemap page can give benefits to our entire blog. Well I have listed all the points below that will clear your doubts.

  • Sitemap page contains links of all of our blog posts, and if we build backlinks to it then our blog indexing rate will improve.

  • It'll flow the Page rank juice to all of the posts that will help them to get better rankings in search results.

  • Building backlinks to Table of contents page will create a SEO friendly landing page for readers.

  • Improves blog bounce rate because readers have to click on links to read the posts.

  • and many more.

Your Views

This is what I follow on my blog. Please leave your valuable comments here and share your views about this trick. If you like this trick, then please visit my blog to get more amazing Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks that will help you to optimize your blog in better way. Thanks for reading this tutorial. Happy Blogging!


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