Why I would choose Blogger rather than WordPress


Blogger vs Wordpress

Blogger Vs WordPress - Every Bloggers Battle. One may find Blogger Vs WordPress posts on many different blogs and forums but today I am going to post why I would stick with blogger and never go for WordPress. I know many bloggers will disagree with my post but this post may open their eyes. Just have a look at all the below points.


The first point and rather the most important for a new blogger is expenses and the money he is going to spend on his blog. We all know Blogger is completely free. There is no charge for hosting or the sub-domain.
If you go for WordPress you have to pay for Hosting + Domain which may cost you around $100 which you can save on Blogger. Other than that a WordPress user may have to buy additional plugins, Security services and premium theme for his blog. That would cost you around $100 more. Well you can alternatively choose best cheap web hosting for hosting your WordPress blog which will minimize your expenses.


WordPress says that it has 5 minute installation but is that so?? I don't think so. A WordPress user has to edit .htaccess file, choosing whether to keep www or not and inform the same to Google Webmaster Tool, protect important files, Change the permalink settings, making wp-config.php more secure and better and a hell lot of things.
But when it comes to blogger it is hardly a matter of seconds. Choose the subdomain, blog title and start posting. Thats it. Blogger has everything simplified making user experience better.


Blogger has a Template Designer in which you can easily set the width of columns, change header style, background, colors and many different things. Bloggers post editor is simplified too. The layout in blogger helps you to add Widgets very easily. The new and improved template editor helps you to customize every bit of your template with the help of CSS and HTML which is extremely easy.
Newbies as well as Intermediates would find customization in WordPress a bit difficult. The edit theme option requires you to know php which I would regard as a bit tough than CSS and HTML


No doubt WordPress has more themes than Blogger but are all of them free to use ? The answer is No. WordPress themes which are of good quality are sold at high rates whereas 99.9% of the Blogger Templates are free of cost. As I have already mentioned Blogger templates are easy to edit and customize but the same does not applies for WordPress.
When it comes to quality WordPress themes are really good but it is not difficult for a Blogger template designer to convert that WordPress theme into a Blogger Template.


Suppose you sell your WordPress blog so in order to complete the process you would need to change Nameservers of the domain and changing hosting server and lots of other time consuming steps. During the process your blog may have to be down for sometime too. This may be real pain for one.
In blogger all blogs are hosted by Google so you can't migrate your blog but you can do something more simpler and easier i.e. changing accounts. You add another person as an admin and remove your self. You are done, it was as simple as ABC.

Google Services

Blogger is a Google product so it would be clear that it will be enjoying a better status than WordPress in front of Google. Google also has a better Adsense support for Blogger blogs. You have 1 click Ads installation for Adsense. Other than that Blogger blogs get SEO benefits too and all the blogs are Pre-SEO optimized. You can easily embed Youtube videos etc. in blogger.
WordPress on the other hand has no relation with blogger and does not get all the above benefits. It has to rely on costly plugins for SEO and other things.


Basically WordPress updates itself to remove bugs. Updates for adding new features have been seen very rarely. If I am not wrong WordPress is its 3.6 version but still it does not have much difference compared to its initial version.
Blogger Team on the other hand is working really hard on the platform. We have seen the updated version of blogger with a better UI. The dynamic blogger templates were introduced just a few years back. The Official Contact Form, Template Editor, Google+ Comments, Permalinks, Robots etc. are just some of the recent updates by Blogger.


All WordPress bloggers would be knowing about the recent botnet attacks that affected 30 million blogs. Brute-force password-guessing attacks occurred in WordPress blogs and many bloggers who had a weak password got their blog hacked. This was a serious issue.
Blogger on the other hand is one of the most safe blogging platform. Google one of the largest internet giant runs it. There servers are never down and uptime is 100% If one wants to hack a blogger account he would have to hack the persons google account. So first he would have to find the assigned email ID of that particular blog and then try to break one the most secure systems. If the 2 step verification is on, then Mr. Hacker better luck next time. No doubt blogger is much more safer and secure than WordPress.

Conclusion : 

WordPress is really a very good platform which has numerous options, plugins and themes but there is someone else in the same industry which I will portray as the "Real Blogging Boss".  Blogger was started much before (1999) than WordPress (2003) and today it has way more blogs hosted on it than WordPress or any other platform and it surely rocks the online industry.
Last but not the least I am a proud blogger user and if you use blogger you should be too.


  1. Good article,

    But do you know why I chose wp ?

    Because in blogger, every day you wake up with fear of getting your blog deleted, in wp, you own the blog fully , so no such nightmares occur.


  2. Here is the answer for your question - http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=87065

    Blogger don't delete blogs on their own. They delete blogs with lot of spammy and copyrighted stuffs.

  3. Things that attracted me to use Blogger today is because Blogger will maintain our data forever, as long as we don't violate Google's policies, as long as Google still exist.

    And I think Blogger was enough to meet the standard requirements in terms of Blogs. And I like all that related to hacky stuff, and not standard.

  4. Your comparison is very biased.

    You can host your blog for free on WordPress.com. WordPress.com has a lot of the same benefits that you proposed for Blogger.

    Blogger is an awesome platform, but I would have preferred a more unbiased comparison between the two.

    Also, it's incorrect to say that Blogger hosts more blogs than WordPress. Out of the top 1 million blogs on the Internet, 95% use WordPress, and 5% use Blogger ( Source: http://trends.builtwith.com/cms/blog ). Blogger is certainly a good platform for blogging, but it's definitely an underdog when compared to WordPress.

    1. The free hosting on WordPress.com sucks. You have limited number of themes and no plugins to add. Blogger would be a lot more better than the free version of WP.

      Well the statement "Out of the top 1 million blogs on the Internet, 95% use WordPress, and 5% use Blogger" has no connection with the statement that which platform hosts more number of blogs. Maybe the top blogs use WordPress but what they pay is really heavy. Dedicated Servers, CDN, Premium plugins etc. costs you thousands of dollar. Whereas Blogger is totally free.

  5. BIG G.. the name is enough :) ..blogger FTW

  6. When you consider that in blogger, everyday you get up with worry of getting your web publication deleted, in wp, you possess the web publication wholly , so no such nightmares arise.