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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the base of every blog, without it one can't call his blog a commercial/professional one. The ranking of your blog in Google largely depends on SEO and we all know better the ranking in Google, more the traffic we get. So one should make every possible effort to make his blog more SEO Friendly. But how do I do it ? SEO is a vast topic. There are thousands of ways for improving your blog's SEO. Such as adding Meta Tags, Keeping the right number of characters in the post title, adding alt tags to all images and many other things.

Today I will show you how you can -

1. Make all the external links open in new tab 
This will reduce your bounce rate, increase the no. of pageviews on your blog and your blog traffic will not be transferred just because of one single link.

2. Make all the external links nofollow
By default all links are dofollow that means Google can crawl them and hence much of the PageRank juice of the page goes away. So in order to prevent them one should add nofollow tag to all external links.

3. Adding alt tags to all images
Alt tag in an image describes it and through it search engines like Google Images show you blogs image on related query. This helps to get more visitors to your blog and improve SEO greatly.

So the question comes how to do all these things ? Manually doing this will take hell lot of time and it would nearly impossible for blogs with huge number of posts for manually doing this task. So in order to save your effort a JavaScript code is already coded.

How to add SEO Friendly code to Blogger

Go to Blog Title → Template → Edit HTML and add the below code just above the tag </head>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
jQuery('a').each(function(){// Let's make external links open in a new tab. var href=jQuery(this).attr('href');if (typeof href !='undefined' && href !="" && (href.indexOf('http://') !=-1 || href.indexOf('https://') !=-1) && href.indexOf(window.location.hostname)==-1){jQuery(this).attr("target", "_blank");}});//]]></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
jQuery('a').each(function(){// Let's make external links nofollow. var href=jQuery(this).attr('href');if (typeof href !='undefined' && href !="" && (href.indexOf('http://') !=-1 || href.indexOf('https://') !=-1) && href.indexOf(window.location.hostname)==-1){jQuery(this).attr("rel", "nofollow");}});//]]></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
$(document).ready(function(){$('img').each(function(){var $img=$(this);var filename=$img.attr('src') $img.attr('alt', filename.substring((filename.lastIndexOf('/'))+1, filename.lastIndexOf('.')));});});//]]></script>

If your blog already has the JQuery plugin you may remove the code in red and if not add the whole code in order to make the script work.
Once you have added the code save your template.You are done now. Now you can see alt tags in your images, Nofollow tag in External links and Opening of external links in new tab. I would recommend every blogger to add this code because one small effort of yours can make improve your blog's SEO significantly.

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Nice guideline for blogger blog, it's free but it's helpful for doing great blogging. I like this so much for my blogging plat form. Nice post.
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thanks for above seo tips, i will follow for blog

very informative article this is , i like it so much and this is very usefull for seo stuff, thanks for this great info stuff.

Yes its always important to make all the outbound links no follow.Also its important to optimize the content of the blog and meta tags as according to the keywords.

Thanks man

Thank's man..

Hi, i have added your html but my external links doesn't seem to open in new tab...

Have you added the jquery plugin if not add it if yes then it may be template error which is in some template's javascript.

Fantastic information, I've overlooked several points that you've mentioned. Overall very good guideline.

Should I remove the "//" symbol before 'Let's make external links nofollow'. Because it is accepting it only as a comment...Will it work?

very nice, seo friendly post it is very informative and help full.
Atif Yousuf

are u also using this code which u told us ?

The things you have shared was good and informative ...Keep posting such good things..

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Hi, I have added the code. but it seems like it is not working. When i am clicking external link, it still opens in the same page.

thanx...Good Info

Where did you know that your script will help blog rank? Have you ever proven it?

After applying the code,the alt attribute would reflect which value?

thankxx for this post, i hope it will be helpful for me


hi Dheeraj very nice and useful post. Are you also using this code in your template ?

Thank you. I will paste that code in my template

I follow the instructions but external links still opening in the same window.

I already have jquery 2.1.0 and I tried with and without this 1.3.2... don't know what I'm doing wrong ??

It is possible to do all 3 without adding that piece of code :) I do same in one of my websites -

Nice Blog. I am Paste this code in my Blogger Template of my Website,
Thanks for it.

thanks admin very helpful post
Give Some Tips and advice to my website

its nice am glad you bring this seo trick to us. I have implemented it on ny blog. Can you advice me more. Review my Blog

Very informative post. Learn lots from it. Thanks for the awesome share.

How to know if this trick is work?