Divide/Break Blogger post into differernt Pages

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Split up blogger pagesHey! It has been long time since I posted my previous post at ABT, so today I am back with yet another post which teaches you how you can split up your blogger post into different pages just like in blogs like Mashable and other WordPress blogs.

To create engagement and to divide the posts in section this method can be very useful. Also if you have a very long post you may use this method so the long post will now be splited into many shorts pages.


Important Notice regarding widgets

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Most of the codes have been replaced, users are requested to copy and paste the new code in case you find something still not working comment below we will fix it as soon as possible.

I am very sorry to say that our dropbox account has been suspended due to excessive traffic. We are working hard to shift all the scripts to the new server and the work would be done by tomorrow till 5 PM Indian Standard Time. All Blogger Tricks apologizes for this inconvenience. Users are requested to visit the site after that and open the respective widget page and add the new code to your blog.

More Updates will be added here.


5 Pre Loading Spinners for Blogger Blogs

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Pre Loading Spinners
Hey! Its long time since I have posted on All Blogger Tricks. I have now shifted to a new school and I am now in the 11th grade so I hardly get any time. Still I managed to write down a post for my readers :) This tutorial will show you how you can add pre loading spinners to your blog. Many of you may have seen it and for those who haven't; its an effect added to blogs which is showed on before the site has loaded completely.  Once the site is loaded it slowly fades away. We encourage everyone to add one of it, as it makes the web more beautiful.


Clean Social Subscribe Widget for Blogger

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Hello Readers, I am again back after a long break. This time I present you the extremely elegant social subscribe widget which you can add in the footer of your blogger blog posts. This widget showcased Facebook, Twitter and Feedburner integration.

This widget has been optimized for blogs with smaller width too and looks perfect on all blogs. The widget uses Jquery, CSS and HTML for its working.

You can see the live demo of this widget below itself. Make sure to check the like button if it works and give us some likes for our Facebook Page.