Elegant Popular Posts Widget for Blogger Tweak

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Popular Posts Blogger
Ever wanted a really elegant and beautiful popular posts widget for your blogger blog? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. Today I am back with yet another unique and amazingly looking popular posts widget customization.
I had my exams which ended just a couple of days before so I was thinking of something substantial to post. A image of this came to my mind and its here for all of you to use.

I have already posted quite a few Popular Posts customization posts. They are -


70+ Awesome Premium Blogger Templates

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Premium Blogger Templates
Hello Friends ! The Blogspot industry has slowly got a pace. A huge number of skilful blogger developers have come up and with this, has increased the possibility of a better blogging experience. For the following our developers have made some of the most awesome blogger templates ever and here I present you almost all the high quality premium blogger templates.

As I have already told you in one of my post. Paid Templates have a ton of features such as -
  • Good Support ~ Any doubt regarding the setup of customization can be easily solved.
  • Better Quality ~ Of course when you pay, you are ought to get something really good.
  • No or Less Bugs ~ Updates regularly come in Premium templates and avoid any kind of bugs.
  • Uniqueness ~ With millions of blogs online, premium templates makes your blog unique.
  • Easier to use ~ Surely, the developers code every inch of paid templates carefully and make it as easy as it can be for using it.
  • Documentation for beginners ~ You would also get documentation in order to see what you have to do etc.
So I begin the list which embraces more than 70 premium templates and satisfies most of the above given features.
The list is made in no particular order and all the templates more or less are equally good.
[Made On - Feb 2014]
The templates added here have a price ranging from $2 - $40.


Cool CSS3 Social Icons with Font Awesome

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Font Awesome Icons Blogger
Heyya Friends ! It has been too long since I have not posted (Due to my exams). So this time I have brought something really cool for all All Blogger Tricks reader. Many of you would know about Font Awesome. It gives you vector icons which can be further edited just like letters using the same CSS.

Here in this widget I have used Font Awesome to create pretty social icons. With integration of font awesome you can add numerous icons as per your convenience.

A live demo of the widget can be seen below.


ABT SEO Checker : SEO Tools Portal

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SEO ToolsHi ! I was thinking from long back to launch a SEO Tools site and its finally here. We have launched ABT SEO Checker. ABT SEO checker is a site in which there are numerous tools which will surely help you and your site. 

Today SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all the sites if they want to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Many a times sites and blogs with good content may be neglected and they do not get the deserved traffic and the reason behind this is poor optimization. One should add crucial things like Meta tags, Robots.txt and other important things in their website. Moreover webmasters should monitor their blog regularly in order to work in a better way and be the best in the competition.